How to choose the right clothing to travel by motorcycle in summer

Are you planning a trip on your bike and wondering what is the right outfit to wear when temperatures rise and the heat becomes unbearable?

It is important to find the right answer to this question so that you can embark on a journey in complete comfort and safety, but also with clothing that allows you to maintain the right body temperature.

We are all looking forward to summer to wear Bermuda shorts, t-shirts, light clothing and slippers. We all can’t wait for the long awaited holidays to go on the adventure of sea and mountains.

But what is the right summer motorcycle clothing?

Certainly a motorcycle clothing with protections, but at the same time fresh and light, allowing you to travel in comfort.

Safety is always a priority to think about.

The safety of technical motorcycle clothing is as important as it is underestimated. There are no motorcycle clothing more important and protective than others, each one plays a fundamental role in protecting a specific part of the body.

Established brands in the motorcycle clothing sector, such as Dainese, Alpinestars, Rev’It and others, have created what is right for you: technical garments designed specifically for the summer season, fresh and light, with certified protection and excellent fit.

Here are the garments and characteristics of summer motorcycle clothing that you need to know in order to start the adventure on your two wheels.


Summer jackets, well ventilated and made with high tenacity technical fabrics.

There are motorcycle jackets in men’s and women’s fabric perfect to accompany you on all your summer motorbike rides, to offer you maximum comfort and the right protection even with atmospheric changes.

The motorcycle jackets for the summer made by the best motorcycle brands such as Alpinestars, Dainese, Befast, Ixon, Macna and Rev’It have technical solutions specifically designed to give you the maximum comfort when the summer heat looms.

Among the various technical characteristics that a good summer jacket should have, we advise you to pay attention to the presence of air intakes that guarantee high ventilation during use in the warmer months. In some jackets the ventilation is adjustable with a zip, allowing them to be used even in the mid-seasons. Another important feature to look for in a summer motorcycle jacket is undoubtedly the perforation. The purely summer jackets, in addition to the adjustable air vents with zip, can have large perforated mesh parts. Do not think that a jacket in perforated fabric is not enough resistant to tearing, or abrasion: the fabrics chosen by the manufacturers are in fact usually quality fabrics, high tenacity, so as to have a garment as fresh as resistant.

A good example of the perfect summer jacket to wear during your motorcycle trips is the Air Crono 2 by Dainese, in light D-Synth 350 fabric with perforated mesh panels for perfect internal ventilation on hot days. Equipped with CE protectors on shoulders and elbows and predisposition for chest protection and the insertion of a back protector.

A cheaper but equally cool and ventilated alternative is Befast’s FreeLife jacket in quality technical fabric, with CE protective inserts on shoulders and elbows and provision for back protector, with removable water and windproof membrane, and mesh inserts for good ventilation. Or Befast’s newest addition to the house, the Freezer Summer Jacket with large areas of ventilated mesh for full breathability and freshness and an easily removable waterproof lining.

The use of high tenacity materials and fabrics, resistant to impact and abrasion, maximizes the safety of your trip and the presence of stretch inserts and adjustment systems allows you to perfectly adapt the jacket to the body of the wearer, giving an excellent fit and ergonomics.

A waterproof and breathable membrane can provide safety and comfort by protecting you from atmospheric changes.

Try to choose a jacket with certified protectors on elbows and shoulders, or a jacket with protectors to be purchased separately. The back protector is also of fundamental importance.

The motorcycle jackets in fabric will allow you to travel in complete safety and serenity.


Ideal for tourism, but not only, the fabric motorcycle pants have everything you need to embark on a motorcycle journey with full freedom of movement and comfort. Those designed for mototouring are particularly comfortable and built, as a rule, with non-slip material for better grip on the saddle. If made with stretch fabrics and materials, they give more freedom of movement and comfort to the rider.

Multiforce BefastIt is preferable that motorcycle touring pants have air intakes to promote internal ventilation and breathable linings to optimize the maintenance of body temperatures ideal for long or short trips. Again, very comfortable can be the presence of perforated mesh panels for increased internal ventilation while riding.

A rainproof membrane is also useful for protection against unforeseen rainfall.

The removable thermal lining is also a feature that a good tuoring motorcycle pants should have, so as to make it versatile and usable even when temperatures drop. It is obvious that if you are looking for a pair of pants to wear exclusively in summer, the thermal lining is not necessary, but it can be useful if you intend to use the garment also in other seasons of the year.

A pair of Touring pants that contain all the above mentioned features are definitely the Befast Multiforce or the new Befast Freezer pants!


As far as summer gloves are concerned, they should be made of a perforated material that allows the right ventilation of the hand. We know that the hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body when riding a motorcycle, both at risk of falling and in the wind. A good glove with the right perforation in the points most prone to perspiration in summer will be an ideal travel companion during your summer motorcycling trips.

An example of cool and ventilated motorcycle gloves, perfect for summer use are undoubtedly the Befast Rerun gloves, which in addition to being lightweight are sold at a very advantageous price.

The more the gloves adhere to the hand, the better control and sensitivity to riding.

Also remember that a good motorcycle glove protects your hands from even the stupidest slips.


It is important that the shoes chosen have the right level of ventilation to allow air to pass through while driving, ensuring perfect breathability and a pleasant feeling of comfort and freshness on hot days.

Motorcycle touring boots with waterproof and breathable Goretex membrane can be the right travel companion, ensuring the right air circulation with protection from water and moisture.

A good example are definitely the Alpinestars MultiAir XCR GTX boots, which in addition to being equipped with Goretex membrane, also have large perforated material parts for increased internal ventilation of the foot.

If you’re looking for more casual looking summer shoes for your daily motorbike or scooter outings, we recommend the new Befast Certificate Starter shoes with a sportier look, or the Trandy certified shoes that are perfect to wear under any outfit.

You should pay attention to ankle protectors, gear lever, etc. The more protected your foot is, the better your journey will be.

The colouring of the shoe is also important because if reinforced by reflective inserts, it improves the level of visibility at night.


You’ll be pleased to know that there are specific items of motorcycle coolant clothing. Inserts, cuffs, neck bands and thermal vests guarantee freshness when riding.

The cooling method uses cold water that, inserted in the appropriate accessories, allows you to maintain the right body temperature for hours.

For example, there is a HyperKewl cooling technology used in the Rev’it Challenger Refrigerant Vest, which allows you to enjoy a pleasant feeling of freshness for several hours by soaking the accessory in water before putting it on.

Another good example of a coolant insert is the Macna Cooling Vest, which uses a different and equally functional technology: using a refillable water tank, the vest regularly releases moisture while driving.


The choice of helmet is also extremely important.

The protection must be at the basis of the choice, and precisely in this regard, as everyone knows, full-face helmets give total protection to the head, wrapping it in its entirety.

Integral models have always been widely used by motorcyclists, thanks to their complete protection. They can be made with lightweight materials such as carbon, fiber and polycarbonate, and although they are not the coolest solution, they can enjoy air intakes and rear extractors, for good internal ventilation while riding. Many may be led to think that the only helmet to wear in summer without suffering the heat is the jet helmet, on the contrary, even full-face helmets if designed with a good internal ventilation system can ensure a use that does not suffer too much heat.

The Jet and demi Jet helmets definitely allow the greatest air circulation. They are open helmets, with or without visor, recommended for urban use on scooters, but if equipped with a practical sun visor and, if desired, equipped with intercom, they can also be suitable for short and medium range tourist use.

The Modular helmet is the one of excellence for motorcyclists, which can combine the protection of a full face helmet with the comfort during the use of a jet.

It gives the possibility to have a chin protection while driving with the chin guard closed, but also to be able to lift it when making a stop, when asking for information, without hindering the driver’s visibility. Also in this case pay a lot of attention to the ventilation system, which is fundamental not only for an aerodynamic issue, and not lifting the helmet, but also for good internal ventilation in summer.

It is important to pay attention in choosing the right size with the help of size tables available for each brand.

Here are a few but useful tips to choose and buy the right motorcycle clothing for the summer. We at care about your comfort and safety and we try every day to respond to your needs.

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