Motorcycle Battery Maintainer: what it is and how it works

Sometimes it happens that after the winter – season in which many lovers of two wheels prefer to leave their bike in the garage (with good peace of mind for those like us who are always in the saddle), warm and safe from the weather – you have the desire to pull the bike out of the garage. You’re ready to turn it on and hear its noise again, that roar that won you over when you bought it, but instead of that sound that bewitches you hear a single electronic hiss. Low battery. So how do you keep the batteries on our bikes from running out of power? Simple, just use the motorcycle battery maintainer. Actually, it’s not just the winter that’s harmful to our batteries, but also the heat or a few weeks’ inactivity that can lead to battery discharge. It is precisely in these cases that it is necessary to have a motorcycle battery maintainer in the trunks or side bags every day.

What is a battery maintainer

The motorcycle charge maintainer is essentially composed of a control unit that has on one side a power socket that will be connected to the battery of your motorcycle and on the other side a portion of the device that will have to be connected to the wall socket.

How it works

The battery maintainer is used to give your motorcycle battery a new life. To use the battery maintainer you obviously need a power socket where you can place your bike and so it will be easier to connect the battery. Modern products are much smaller than those of the past and the cost, which we will talk about later, has also been greatly reduced. Once you have connected the battery maintainer to the wall and connected the polarity cables, there will be a first check by the device and then it will be recharged until the batteries are one hundred percent charged and extend the life of the vehicle so as to avoid unpleasant inconveniences in the following weeks.

How much does it cost

Many companies, even those outside the motoring sector, are adapting to the always high demand for this type of object, which also fits into the sphere of technological accessories that favour the maintenance of their vehicles. There are different types of maintainers and the cost can vary from a few tens of euros, but the quality may not be high and the life of the device is not very long, up to battery maintainers that can cost several hundred euros. Obviously, in the latter cases it depends on the brand of the product, how much charge they provide and some extras they can provide to the end user.

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