New Befast Certified Motorcycle Jacket: Victory 3 Layers – Top of the Range Collection!

Like the entire New Befast 2019/2020 Collection, the New Victory CE Jacket was born from the need to offer motorcyclists a comfortable, eye-catching look and also meet the requirements of prEN 17092-4:2018.

The new regulation that came into force in April 2019 regulating PPE (personal protective equipment) provides a series of parameters of resistance to impact, tear and abrasion to assess the degree of safety of a garment: only those that meet certain requirements can be considered certified garments.

Befast’s Victory jacket not only complies with the safety standards in accordance with the above mentioned Level A standard, but also has SAS TEC Certified (EN 1621-1:2012 Level 1) protectors on shoulders and elbows, and a certified back protector, which can be purchased separately.

In terms of quality/price ratio, the New Befast Victory Jacket is unrivalled, as well as all Befast brand products, which thanks to the exclusive and direct distribution by through the On Line sale and the numerous stores on the Italian territory manages to reduce most of the distribution costs, thus ensuring excellent quality at an advantageous price compared to the actual technical characteristics of the product.

It is in this perspective that the Victory CE Jacket was born, characterized by a high quality profile combined with an excellent practicality of use and a low selling price.

Designed to be worn all year round, the Victory presents a practical modular layer system consisting of a removable thermal lining and a removable Humax waterproof and breathable membrane. The two membranes, as they have been designed, make it extremely easy to configure the jacket according to personal temperature and shelter requirements, and of course also according to the season in which it is used.

It can be worn in winter by keeping the two membranes in place, both thermal and waterproof, to guarantee warmth and shelter from the rain. If the rain is particularly insistent and abundant, Befast always advises its customers to equip themselves with external rainproofing to wear when needed, so as to remain totally dry and sheltered from the weather.

In Spring and Autumn it is possible to remove both or only one of the two membranes on the jacket, to adapt it to the mild temperatures of the mid seasons.

In summer, on the other hand, in addition to removing both inner linings, it is possible to increase the flow of air passing through the fabric by using ventilation zippers positioned in strategic points that offer the rider the right ventilation where and when needed.

The removal of the inner layers of the jacket does not compromise its good fit, which can also be modulated through the practical width adjustment systems on both sides and arms.

The look, the technical features, the ergonomic cut and the presence of practical capacious pockets both on the front and on the back make it a mainly touring jacket designed to be used especially during medium and long range motorcycle trips, but very comfortable also for urban use.

In combination with the jacket, Befast proposes the Victory Pant which, thanks to the connecting zipper, allows to create a very comfortable 3-layer suit to wear all year round.

Befast’s Victory CE Jacket is currently available in 2 colors (Dark Grey and Light Grey), and in sizes ranging from S to 5XL. Distributed exclusively by at the price of 269€, now on Offer at 179€.

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