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Behind the Scenes: Facebook’s Student Communities

2020-12-18 0

Through the Backdoor to Your Campus 

Are you willing to escape from your visible-to-everyone Facebook feed to a more private and tight-knit community? Welcoming you to its new section called Campus, Facebook encourages you to join the responsive and dynamic studentship world and manage two accounts separately. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Admitted and Blocked Users

The fact that you have a Facebook account does not mean you can create your Campus profile. To access the devoted activities and communication channels, you will need to enter your college email and graduation year. Though your Campus account is linked to your Facebook profile, you may have a different photo and some additional information here. Specifying the major, minor, dorm, and other details, you increase the chance of befriending someone with common interests. 
Rest assured that those you block (if any) on Facebook will also be blocked on Campus and vice versa. Those who neglect the Facebook principles will not be allowed to join the section too.

Users Directories and List of Universities

According to Facebook’s initial idea, a Campus member can see other profiles belonging to inner groups, chats, and events. You can also see the directories (lists of users) related to your hometown, classes, or other specified details. Students of 30 U.S. universities can already see Campus in the Facebook app and try its functionality.

What Happens on Campus, Stays on Campus

Campus is a dedicated approach to attract, keep, and motivate young people to stay with Facebook. No doubt that you will find similar college groups on Facebook, so it will take some effort to encourage people to relocate to Campus. However, the unbeatable argument is that the content generated on Campus stays on Campus.

If you tried using Campus, tell us what you think of this remarkable Facebook section right away!

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