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Coming Real Soon: Official Dauntless Release Are Announced

2020-12-10 0

The monster-slayer game is going to be published for three stages concurrently: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The latter variant will be exclusively accessible in Epic Games Store, dismissing the Steam community. What's more, strategies of bringing Dauntless into Android happen to be voiced too.

From the brand new upgrade, players will soon be given the Hunt Pass (Season 5). It will incorporate both known and new content. E.g. ninja-like makeup and new components for your Moon Blossom Festival. In addition to the Mystery platform, whereby participants will unlock updates, trophies, and accomplishments. Other surprises anticipating the monster-hunters is that the Arcslayer Pack will comprise:

  • A new set of armor,
  • Some premium money,
  • Enriched arsenal of consumables.

Each one the novelties mean something: elderly Ramsguard packs will be relinquished, with its own contents obtaining a comprehensive elimination. For all those, who jumped the opportunity to acquire Ramsguard stuff punctually -- it is your final chance.

In terms of Android and Nintendo Shift interfaces -- it's known thus far. The programmers are adamant to deliver the behemoth-slayer into the cellular gadgets, but it would appear that proper optimization will require more time than anticipated. It is going to surely cause tangible distress for this intention.

It follows the results of a planetary cataclysm, which introduced dreadful Behemoth critters from the bowels of the planet. As part of a hero fantasy group, you are supposed to prevent them through gaudy struggles. Examine the game: playdauntless.com.

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