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The Hottest Premiers: The Most Anticipated Games

2020-12-17 2

2019 includes a couple of big-name names in store for us. And it is positively impossible to mention each and every franchise and genre: Pokémon, space opera, horror-survival, historical Japanese play, cyberpunk, combating... It's ensured there'll be something fresh for each demanding game connoisseur to enjoy. Although waiting might take a couple of months before alpha-releases eventually hit the virtual shelves, we have ready 5 smoking hot matches to a maximum in 2019/2020's start.

1. The Last of Us Part II — Ellie has grown up since the last summer

Platform: PS4

Date: 19.06.2020

The Last of Us Part II

Joel's fate or whereabouts remain unknown, as exhibited in the trailer. But Ellie has come to be a win-win survival veteran. And today, when she is more powerful than ever, it is time to wage war about the enigmatic Cult, that has been occupying the bad gal for quite a while.
New combat mechanisms and larger strategic leeway and sharper images will earn a nice sequel.

2.  Ghost of Tsushima — Samurai spirit never dies

Platform: PS4

Date: 17.07.2020

Ghost of Tsushima

Clearly inspired by Kingdom Come, Ghost of Tsushima requires us into the medieval Japan. The Mongolian invasion tide ravages that the whole Far East and you're going to be offered to perform since the past Tsushima's Samurai position, prepared to perish for his ancestors' island.
Beautiful images, top-notch precision and intoxicating credibility are attached.
3. Pokémon Sword and Shield —New Pokémon species?
Platform:  Nintendo Switch
Date: End of 2019

The newest Pokémon game will happen in Galar, that is that the Britain's doppelganger from the Poké world class. As of this moment, not much is known of what the gameplay or story will be like. Nonetheless, it's supposed that Sword and Shield will observe new Pokémon, together with the basic ones.
All hail Sir Pikachu!

4. Cyberpunk 2077 — We saw the future. And we dread it.

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Date: 10.12.2020

Cyberpunk 2077

Initially Cyberpunk was a board game, published in 1988. Picture the sphere of future neuro-interface applications, flying cars and denim coats by the Back to the upcoming epoch. That is exactly what the cyberpunk world resembles, as exhibited by CD Projekt Red, who sculpted Witcher III.
Widely anticipated, it is a wonderful title.

5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Run, Padawan

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Date: 15.11.2019

Star Wars Jedi- Fallen Order

Right now, presented just as a brief teaser, Fallen Order will create every Star Wars fan squirm impatiently. The game's plot brings us straight back into the Galaxy's gloomy days, once the fateful Order 66 was eventually implemented. Since the treacherous clones slaughter the Jedi knights, the protagonist called Cal Kestis is made to flee. Because of this, all alone in this aggressive world of interplanetary slave-trade, he should find his fortune, mission and fate.

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