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Zoom Meeting: How to Quickly Change Your Name from Your Phone 

2020-12-18 0

Embarrassing situations may happen in Zoom meetings because some of our offices moved home when the lockdown period started. Your children and pets, (and sometimes other family members) can make you feel awkward during your corporate video call. Though humor is sometimes the only ‘weapon’ in such situations, we would like to share some tips on avoiding them. Specifically, we will share the simple steps on how to change the name in Zoom (your or other participants’ ones) even during the Zoom session right from your smartphone.

Before the Session

It will help if you change the name that shows up in Zoom once for every meeting in the future. You will have time to do the following (the Android and iOS menus look the same):

  • Open the Zoom application.
  • Tap on Settings to get into the ‘My Profile’ menu.
  • Change your name in the ‘Display Name’ box.

Another option is to change your name in the Zoom home screen’s name box right before joining the meeting. Hopefully, you will not be in a rush and put the letters in the correct order.

During the Session

Quite often many of us come across the question of ‘How do I change my name in Zoom?’ Being under tremendous pressure and having already joined the conference. You need not panic and follow these quick steps after you entered the meeting from your Zoom mobile app:

  • On the bottom right, you will see the ‘Participants’ button. Tap it.
  • Find your current name, tap it, and choose the ‘Rename’ option. Beware not to hit ‘Raise Hand’ button instead!

When You Are Hosting an Event

In case you will be hosting a meeting and will need to change the names of participants, go to the ‘Participants’ button, press it, and choose the ‘Rename’ option. If you want to disable participants from renaming themselves at your meetings, you can set this in the basic meeting settings, however, this can be done when using the desktop version only. Consequently, do not be surprised if you will not be able to change your own name because your Zoom meeting host does not allow it.

The Same Menus for Both OS

A simple but essential feature of changing the name during the video or audio conference makes the Zoom application competitive with such brands as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. We hope that the easy actions described above will be of help in your corporate life. The menus in your Apple smartphone will look just the same as in the Android device, so feel free to apply our guide to both operating systems.

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