Fitbit, Inc.
  • Author: Fitbit, Inc.
  • Rating: 3.7
  • Author: Fitbit, Inc.
  • Rating: 3.7
How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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Fitbit is an app for you to follow your health state during a day. It allows you to count steps when you are walking, analyze your sleeping regime and even record your workouts. Download Fitbit and be aware of your progress in your healthy habits.

Design – 5/5

Design is rather simple but it is good for such a service. Bright details would distract from the key performances which are the most important information here. You are offered nice charts and clear tables with floors, steps, and miles you have covered or minutes you have spent on walking. It will show a number of exercises and hours you sleep per week in an accurate and comprehensive manner.

Performance – 4/5

It is a very cool free app that can be launched at any moment on your mobile device. Start track your Fitbit activity with its tools and you will learn a lot of interesting details about yourself. This is a very nice decision to manage your weight keeping your menu, physical activities, and sleep under control. The software suggests your recommendations, which improves your life and help to achieve the result you want. Use GPS for choosing the right routes and for learning the distance. 

If you prefer workout, you can record the exercises you like and do them when you have spare time. It is very important to understand what you consume and the app allows to track the food and count the calories. You are suggested to compare the results with your target performances and share this information with your friends. Track your progress watching the statistics. And do not forget to check your heart rates.

Usability and Platforms – 5/5

The application is simple to use and does not require a lot of time to understand the options. Still, you can have some questions. In this case, use a tutorial to take the most from this software. It is easy to synchronize your tracker with your smartphone wirelessly. The clean and uncluttered interface helps you to focus on what you want at the moment without continuous navigation across the app. Just follow instructions displayed on the screen. 

There are some effects which make usage fun and interesting, like visualized steps which you will find on a map. You will get insightful information about the places you are visiting and so on.

In-app purchases – 5/5

The app is free and offers in-app purchases which will improve your user experience.


Fitbit is exactly that app you may need if you are engaged in any sports activities or just live a healthy lifestyle and do care about your condition. It can be installed without any problems on any mobile device. You will track your healthy habits with its help and enjoy your daily routine. It is full of options providing a comprehensive idea of the result of your efforts. You will definitely be interested in social features allowing to compete with others.


  • Available without payment;
  • Packed with useful features;
  • Simple usage.


  • Minor bugs are possible.

The Bottom Line

Download Fitbit in order to be aware of your weight, eating habits, sleeping mode, and physical activities in details.


How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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