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  • Author: Life on Air
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Author: Life on Air
  • Rating: 4.2
How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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Houseparty is a free app in the face-to-face social network format. It allows to connect with people you want to keep contacts with. And this face to face connection is very easy thanks to its tools. Download Houseparty and enjoy chatting with your friends at any time they are “in the house”.

Design – 5/5

The interface is rather cute being full of colors, amazing effects, and pictures. You will definitely appreciate simple design with a simple menu at the bottom where you can choose an icon and go deeper. Large buttons, uncluttered layout, pop-ups with various notifications are for your convenience only.

Performance – 4/5

This is not the only app providing you with the ability to contact a wide community online. There are lots of the same products in the social network category. But this app is special due to its live-stream format. You can make a video at the moment and share it with your friends to discuss and enjoy it. Broadcast your current experience with the help of the front-facing camera on your mobile device and notify your friends about events you want to share. If they are online or “in the house” following the inner term, they will join you and you will see their faces on your screen. 

You can talk, laugh, plan your future with up to 7 of your friends at a time. The app is practical and does not require a lot of resources to run. It is perfect for traveling or visiting some interesting venues. You will save time to tell each of your friends about your ideas and things they could be interested in. 

Usability and Platforms – 5/5

This application will be interesting for users of any age but stil,l its target audience is a young user. That is why it is extremely easy to use as it is developed for fun on the go without a complicated menu and multiple functions. Just tap the button or a photo of your friend and get the expected result. The developer calls his creature “the Internet’s living room” which connects people engaging them in the event regardless of their location at the moment. This real life is possible for those who you invite from a contacts list in your mobile device. In addition, you can share news and conversations with others. It is simply navigated and used frequently by a large demographic.

In-app purchases – 5/5

The app is free and contains in-app purchases enhancing experience.


This social media app provides you with group chat focused on videos. You are able to communicate easily using video and sending textual messages. There isn’t any screening and that means that and the video is live. That can be concern for parents as far as they cannot control the content. Please, mind this peculiarity. 


  • Full of interactive video-chat features;
  • It is possible to integrate contacts from the device;
  • High-quality calls;
  • Strong safety.


  • Lack of parents control options.

The Bottom Line

Download Houseparty if you want to arrange your day efficiently and save your time refusing discussion of news with your every friend instead of doing it in a pile.


How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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