Jurassic World™: The Game

  • Size: 2020-12-16
  • Version: EN
  • Author: Ludia
  • Rating: 4.76
  • Size: 2020-12-16
  • Version: EN
  • Author: Ludia
  • Rating: 4.76
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Jurassic World™: The Game was created with inspiration from one of the best movies in 1993, Jurassic Park. Simply put, the App Store and Google Play app for the game is a simulation game that is based on the setting of the movie. Here’s a review of the gaming adventure.

A captivating gaming experience with quality graphics

The game’s visual component is amazingly beautiful with stunning detailed and straightforward graphics that are in line with the console level. All the dinosaurs in the game are perfectly animated with high-quality texture. The artists have done their level best.

Additionally, the game is beautifully drawn and voiced-designed, hence users can be pleased regardless of whether they are avid fans or the average gamers. However, possibly due to the graphics, this game made my Android device really hot.    

The leading Jurassic World game offers players a chance to plunge headlong deep into the world of Jurassic Park. Notably, the application combines a trading card game, an urban development strategy, and the elements of a fighting game. All you need to do is create and raise dangerous pets and put them to battle while watching out for the result of the fights. You can also expand your enterprises to create new possibilities while doing all it takes to stay away from a natural ending.

Your own army of “nice pets”

The game starts with a well-staged and spectacular video where the player arrives at a wild island that has never been inhabited by humans. Here, you will be required to begin your experiments on how you can breed dinosaurs. Some of the main features include:

  • Fighting in epic battles alongside opponents from different parts of the world.
  • You will earn a daily bonus: DNA, gold, and other essential resources.
  • You will enjoy new stories as well as exciting missions, and the participation of the dinosaurs involves you in the magic world adventure.
  • You are at liberty to choose your set of cards, each with a special dinosaur.
  • You can challenge opponents from different parts of the world through earth-shaking battles.

Notably, the game needs a stable internet connection. While it may appear inconvenient, the app, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to use dinosaurs and players from across the globe. The game’s latest update has an additional set of new battles for an aquatic dinosaur species that offers an even more significant variety.

The iOS and Android app offers an opportunity to interact with the characters from the original film as you navigate thrilling missions and new storylines.

Looking for convenient controls? You’re home

The Jurassic World has the best touch controls. In fact, there’s no way in which the case of great touch controls can be made better than presenting gamers a game with button inputs. Interestingly, you don’t need a control tutorial to navigate through the straightforward game, and a first-timer would successfully play the game without the need for any information to explain the play procedure.

Why replay the game?

You will discover lots of secrets throughout the game, and this will require more than just a single pass to beat that. The fact that four movies have been combined to create one gaming experience is in itself a plus. The adventurous setup of the game will also keep you coming back for more Jurassic World fixes.

The app is a free download, and it comes with in-app purchases. Additionally, you will be automatically billed a monthly charge of $9.99 plus tax until the expiry or cancellation of your subscription. The most expensive purchase is the Legendary Card Pack which goes for $49.99 while the cheapest purchases include the Limited Card Pack, Rare Card Pack Promotion, and the Common Card Pack all of which go for $4.99. With the additional excitement offered, I believe these purchases are worth every dollar.

Why I recommend the game

In general, Jurassic World: The game comes out as an entertaining mobile game for both Android and iOS platforms. With excellent graphics and straightforward gameplay, I would recommend the app to enthusiastic mobile gamers. What’s more, the app functions pretty well and never crashes. However, the heating, probably due to the high-quality graphics, requires being addressed.


How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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