Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game

  • Size: January 19, 2020
  • Author: Vulcron
  • Rating: 4
  • Size: January 19, 2020
  • Author: Vulcron
  • Rating: 4
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Blocks, pixels, and squares have massively flooded over our gadgets and devices, so that’s why the developers do not sleep and drop new blocky games to get us occupied. This time we’ll talk about the Pixel Strike 3D.

What is Pixel Strike 3D?

Did someone say "Counter-Strike"? Well, maybe. Pixel Strike 3D is inspired by CS pixelated shooter with original gameplay and pixel graphics. Developed and dropped by Vulcron studio, Pixel Strike 3D was made for those who like guns and Minecraft.

The controls include on-screen buttons and interactive joysticks. The character has a weapon to kill enemies or to complete tasks being a part of a team. Choose a map, select weapon and get your gang together or fight this battle by yourself.

There are two game modes available. You can enjoy a single-player or multiplayer experience like in most other FPV shooters. If you have ever played Counter-Strike, PUBG, Call of Duty or any other action games which include running around and fight enemies, this game offers nothing new in terms of gameplay. There are more than 150 types of equipment both weapons and sources to use, and multiple missions to complete.

The game also offers several mini-games to try if you're tired from shooting and sprinting around. These are Dodgeball, Team Snipers, One in The Chamber, and more.

There are also daily challenges and events to enjoy, so the game keeps you occupied with content constantly. Once you try the Pixel Strike, you should be ready to get addicted soon.

Another shooter game

Honestly, there’s nothing exciting about the regular shooter game with pixel graphics. Why? Because it is an ordinary game where you can perform the same actions as in any other similar one. The only thing I like about it is a creator option. You can create quests and enjoy them with friends or cooperate with other players all around the world to complete them.

Besides creating missions, you can also create your own skins for characters and share them with friends. As you can see, Pixel Strike has a lot in common with Minecraft besides the pixelated design.

If you mix Minecraft, Counter-Strike, and PUBG, you’ll get something like the game Pixel Strike 3D. Oddly enough, this is not a bad game at all, and the mix turns out to be quite captive. A 3D shooter with graphics from the Minecraft and solid shooters gameplay is not a bad idea though.


It’s a common shooter for gadgets, but there’s still something special in the game that makes you want more and more. It’s free-to-play, and you don’t have to pay any real money to unlock and get weapons or equipment as well as it’s creative modes. Download Pixel Strike 3D and enjoy the pixelated battles!


How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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