Pokémon Quest

The Pokemon Company
  • Author: The Pokemon Company
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Author: The Pokemon Company
  • Rating: 4.2
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Pokémon Quest is a free role-playing game where players will have to build their own base and settle it with various pokemons. You will have to explore the island, fight with other pokemons, discover various special abilities, and upgrade your pokemons. There are many ways in which you can find pokemons. Moreover, you will have to create a team of them that will fight side by side against the others. You can download Pokémon Quest on Android and iOS devices. For now, more than 5 million people have downloaded the application on their devices.

Graphics and Sound Design – 4/5

Pokémon Quest uses simple and cartoonish graphics. The objects are clearly visible, but it may be boring to play with these kinds of graphics. Nevertheless, the picture is bright and colorful. The in-game sounds are not bad. The soundtrack depends on the location you play on. Developers added simple but at the same time interesting soundtrack, which makes the game more dynamic. The sound effects are also great. The game is full of sounds. You will hear sounds while tapping on buttons, fighting with others or walking in your camp.

Plot and Characters – 4/5

The plot in Pokémon Quest is simple. Your mission is to build a large camp on the island, and collect as many pokemons as it is possible. While exploring the island, you will be able to select up to three pokemons in your team. These creatures will fight side by side against the other pokemons. While playing, you will collect various recipes and skills that will help you to upgrade your pokemon. You can also decorate your camp, by adding various objects. For example, you can place various pools, chairs, and other objects. There are some in-app purchases that will provide you with unique pokemons and decorations.

Controls – 5/5

The controls in Pokémon Quest are pretty simple. While playing, you will see the bar at the bottom of your screen. There you will be able to manage your pokemons, control them, and use various attacks. You can tap the “EDIT TEAM” button. There you will be able to add any pokemon you own to your team. As it was mentioned before, the maximum number of pokemons in a team is three.


Pokémon Quest is a safe game that many people may like. Children can also play the game because Pokémon Quest does not contain scenes with violence. The pokemons here do not die. They get knocked out for a certain time. The graphics are cartoonish. This may be the Cons if you are an adult, and the pros if you are a child. The game uses a top view.


  • A lot of characters;
  • Simple controls;
  • The game is free to download.


  • You can get some unique items only if you pay real money;
  • Some people may not like the graphics.

The Bottom Line

We recommend you to download Pokémon Quest especially if you want to kill some time. It is fun to play the game due to the nice music and interesting gameplay.


How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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