ST (JiJi) Math: School Version

MIND Research Institute
  • Author: MIND Research Institute
  • Rating: 3.9
  • Author: MIND Research Institute
  • Rating: 3.9
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ST (JiJi) Math: School Version is a program that helps students to learn math via the game. It was released on the 21st of August 2012 by the MIND Research Institute. The app is available on devices, based on Android and iOS. Download ST (JiJi) Math: School Version and become even more intelligent.

Design – 4

The picture in the app is very colorful, and it attracts attention. Students will see a happy penguin who has to solve various riddles. This character walks through locations with green grass and blue skies. Anyway, there are few details, and it's good: students will concentrate only on necessary things. So, it's worth saying that design here is rather simple and attractive.

Performance – 5

This app helps to develop students' logic and their skills in maths. It has got material for those who are in primary, middle and high school. So, there can be found either simple or complicated puzzles and exercises. 

All tasks are compliant with standards of education in the USA. So, it includes Common Core and state-standards aligned content for K-6. Using this app, you can be sure that there are placed only necessary exercises. 

Also, ST (JiJi) Math: School Version is aimed at work in the class. In the program, it's possible to see the progress of the student and those tasks that cause problems. Such a feature motivates and makes learning more effective.

Some levels in the app may be very challenging, but it's not a big problem for students. There's the feedback that shows how to solve this or that puzzle. Detailed analysis helps to find where a problem has appeared. 

Usability and Platforms – 5

The app is easy to use because it focuses on students of various ages. The interface here is very simple. When a student enters the program, he or she sees only the penguin who solves tasks, and a panel at the bottom. There is shown progress and buttons that allow you to exit or restart a level.

The program is available on PC, Android, and iOS. This app is a bit slow on the computer, but way faster on IPad. It's easy to synchronize data between various gadgets: a student just has to enter login and password. Then it's possible to see actual progress.

So, it can be mentioned that there don't appear any problems when students try to make sense out of dealing with it. Even small children can understand its main principles at the first try.

In-app purchases – 5

The application is available only for schools, so, you won't be able to buy it if you're a single user. To get full information about the app's price, you have to contact the MIND Research Institute. There is a free trial, and you can understand whether you need this app at all. Also, there are not any in-app purchases.


All in all, ST (JiJi) Math: School Version is a perfect program in which students can drill their maths skills. The app has got a lot of various tasks for students, and it allows feedback that shows how to solve challenging exercises. By the way, it's user-friendly because of the intuitive interface. 


  • All tasks are compliant with common standards;
  • Exercises of various complicity;
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Available only for schools;
  • Works slow on PCs.

So, you definitely should download ST (JiJi) Math: School Version if you're a student and this app is available at your school.


How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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