Stereo system: how to install it, types and features

In-motorcycle stereo system: discover the models and features on the market

One of the most sought after accessories by motorcycle enthusiasts is the stereo. Find out which models and different features make the difference in listening to good music on the road. So, what is the best amp for a motorcycle.

Travelling by motorcycle listening to good music is really enjoyable. A good stereo system allows us to tune into radio channels, to insert CDs to listen to during travel and travel and, with the technological innovations, also to connect USB flash drives, mobile phones, iPod and mp3 via their respective cables or in bluetooth. Many modern vehicles have multimedia systems including satellite navigators, video screens, infotainment devices, CD/MP3/DVD players.

Choice of stereo system, what to compare

  • Speakers: indicates the number of speakers included in the stereo system; Subwoofer: indicates the number of subwoofers included in the individual model;
  • Amplifiers: indicates the number of amplifiers included in the system;
  • Total Wattage: the total power required for the operation of all the components present.


It is not possible to set a price when buying and installing a complete motorcycle audio system, as these depend on many factors such as brand, power, functions, amount of speakers, sound fidelity level and so on. There are three elements at which the price, as well as the value, of the individual stereo system model also varies:

  • the number of speakers included in the model;
  • the total number of amplifiers included in the model;
  • the number of subwoofers in the model, as there are often double subwoofers.

Beware of combinations of sounds

You need to pay close attention to the symbiosis between the degrees of sound, and especially between the bass power produced by subwoofers and the power of higher frequency sounds.

How to create a motorcycle stereo system

To limit the cost, without giving up owning a stereo system in your car, you can build it with DIY. You have to consider that in motorcycles the speakers have housings already arranged in the doors and the motorcycle, in general, is full of pieces that vibrate. These parts, when the volume becomes too loud, start to produce vibrations that tend to dirty the sound. For this reason, the doors should be adequately soundproofed by removing the panels and applying sound absorbing material.

Structure of the stereo system

The stereo system is divided into two fronts:

The front (FA) front includes two tweeters, i.e. small speakers that have the task of reproducing the treble, and two woofers, which reproduce the mid and low tones and the singer’s voice, if any.

The rear front (FP) includes two other woofers, as well as a subwoofer, which reproduces the hardest bass sounds and should be placed in the boot.

Types of subwoofer

They differ according to the type of power supply. The active subwoofer includes, already in its case, the amplifier. The passive subwoofer, on the other hand, does not include the amplifier in its box, so it is necessary to mount one for it to play. They are also distinguished by their timbre and the way they sound. The fast subwoofer reproduces beats scanned by very small pauses, while the slow subwoofer reproduces beats scanned by more significant pauses. Then, the soft subwoofer has a very soft beat and the hard subwoofer, on the contrary, a strong, dry and peremptory beat.

How to install a motorcycle stereo system

To install a stereo system in your motorcycle you need to take into account that each amplifier requires a power cable, a grounding cable and a remote cable. With a single cable, you can connect multiple amplifiers to the same remote one. The power cable, the largest, must be connected from the battery to the distribution block. The cables coming out of the distribution block must then be connected to the various amplifiers, making sure that each one is grounded. To connect the subwoofers, however, a 1000W RMS 1 ohm amplifier must be used. All subwoofers should be connected to the same terminals as the amplifier. Then, the mid and treble speakers should be connected to the same power cord and ground. All speakers should then be connected to the motorcycle’s existing speakers.


Contact your retailer or electrician to study the most suitable solution. If you have a limited budget you can find excellent proposals at reasonable prices online. An alternative could be the purchase of a used stereo system, excellent in performance and not overpriced.

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